Going solar is a no-brainer decision. What to expect you might ask when installing solar on your home? It’s actually a pretty painless process (if you’ve chosen a reputable solar contractor)! Note that I’ve specifically mentioned “solar contractor”. Solar is a specialty subset, and it’s important that you go with a contractor that has experience, and knows what they’re doing. Make sure that the solar contractor you find is licensed, offers maintenance and service plans, has experience, and can provide you with testimonials.

At our office we are able to use software to map out your roof space, so we prepare a proposal and go over that at the first meeting. The proposal will include the type of panel, layout, and ROI. If your electricity bill is over $100 per month, there is usually a very quick return on investment.

Once you’ve given us the green light, we will draw up plans and submit them to your local building department. Once they’ve been approved, we schedule a day for the install. For an average sized system, the installation doesn’t take more than a couple of days.  To make sure that you receive credit from the electricity company, we have to submit a Net Energy Metering agreement with your power provider.

Once everything has been installed, we work with your local building department to have the job signed off and approved.

We install solar systems all across California. Most often we work in Los Angeles County, Orange County, San Bernardino, and Riverside Counties.

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