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Solar Power Continues To Trend Upward In Seal Beach

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Residents in Seal Beach are turning to solar power more than ever before. Using solar in Seal Beach is a practical way to meet all or part of your home energy needs. Your grid-tied solar power system reduces your use of harmful fossil fuels and other pollutants. It produces clean and reliable energy for your enjoyment while it saves you a bundle.

Our solar power systems operate automatically. They’re quiet and easy to maintain. All you need is the California sunshine! If you’re ready to go solar, contact our Solar installer Seal Beach. We’ll get to know you and give you a free solar quote today.

4 Reasons To Go Solar In Seal Beach - Solar Company Seal Beach

Solar Energy Investment

Take a fresh look

Scientific advances and steep price wars have made solar panels more affordable than ever before. In some cases, solar panels are less than half the cost that they used to be. That means you can see a complete return on your investment in half the time. While solar panels used to break even near the end of their life span, solar in Seal Beach is now a sound economic investment.

We invite you to talk with us about the economics of solar power. We can do the math to figure out just how much you can save by going solar. There are different installation options that allow you to customize your distribution of power to your various appliances in a way that maximizes your returns.

Solar power system Installation

Get solar before new rules take effect

Local utility companies are about to implement Net 2.0 metering. This is a new way of charging for energy use. The new system pays solar owners less for sending power back to the utility companies during peak periods. However, if you take advantage of your solar installer Seal Beach before the changes take effect, you can still receive top rates.

As it works right now, you get top dollar for energy you send the utility company between 11 a.m. and 6 p.m. If you wait on purchasing solar, you’re going to get the new Net 2.0 metering rules. These rules aren’t as favorable to the solar owner. It’s best to make your purchase now.

solar for the environment

Contributing to the environment

Another reason to go solar in Seal Beach is to help the environment. Our company is committed to helping clients do their part to reduce their footprint and make our shared environment stronger. A solar panel not only saves you cash, but it helps you do your part for clean air and renewable energy. You can know that you’re doing your small part to help the environment.

Solar panels and appliances

Improve appliance efficiency

As our refrigerators, freezers and air conditioners become more efficient, the energy we supply them with can become more efficient too. Let our team work with you to optimize your solar and appliance purchases in a way that gives you maximum savings and efficiency. You can make appliance purchases in a way that maximizes your solar power benefits.

In Seal Beach and in all of Southern California, solar panels make dollars and sense. Sunny California is the perfect place to install solar panels because there’s lots of energy to capture and sell to your local utility. With the new payment systems coming soon, the time to buy is now. Take advantage of solar and enjoy all of the many benefits that it has to offer.

Our team of solar designers, engineers and installers are standing by to help you explore the options for bringing solar energy to your home. We also offer commercial energy generation systems. Whatever your needs and goals, we’re eager to show you how solar can help you save money and do you part for the environment. Contact SOLAR SOURCE today to get a free residential or commercial solar evaluation.

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