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Solar Makes Cents! Own Your Home? Own Your Power!

At SOLAR SOURCE, quality is our number one priority. The solar panels we offer carry a 20 year minimum manufacturers warranty on power output. All solar panels we install are UL listed, CEC approved, California Solar Initiative approved and output certified.

We guarantee that the solar system components used at every solar project we install hold the highest solar industry standards in both quality of build and warranty.

Imagine going to your mailbox or inbox, and instead of cringing when you open your monthly electric bill, you are excited to see how much money THEY owe YOU?  That’s the experience for SOLAR SOURCE customers.

Whether your home electricity bill is large or small, installing solar panels on your rood is the best way to reduce the amount of power you need from the utility, while also lowering your family’s carbon footprint.

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Quality Doesn’t Have To Be Expensive

Go Solar for Zero Down!


At SOLAR SOURCE, we always hold quality as our number one priority when it comes to the work we do. The solar panels that we offer all carry a 20 year minimum manufactures warranty for their power output. All of the solar panels that we install are CEC approved, UL listed, California Solar Initiative output-certified and approved.

We personally guarantee that all of the solar system components that we use at every solar project that we install, all hold to the highest solar industry standards in both warranty and quality of build.

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