Solar Power Continues To Trend Upward In Huntington Beach

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Using solar energy for all or even part of your Huntington Beach home’s electrical needs sure makes sense. Grid-tied residential solar systems in Huntington Bench are less expensive than ever and they also reduce the amount of electricity that you need to purchase from your local utility in Huntington Beach.

Your own residential and commercial solar system in Huntington Beach will produce reliable and clean power that will reduce fossil fuel burning and contribute to a more healthy environment. Solar energy systems from us are quiet and they operate automatically. They require very little maintenance and don’t need any fuel except sunshine!

So if you’re ready to get solar for your home, contact the experienced team at Solar Source to get a free solar quote today.

4 Reasons To Go Solar In Huntington Beach

Solar Energy Investment

Return on Investment

In the past, the cost of solar panels plus tax incentive rebates allowed homeowners to buy solar systems that would pay for themselves near the end of their lifecycle. Extreme price competition over the past few years has cut prices in half, moving your break-even point closer to the halfway point and underlining the notion that you will have a significant return on investment when you use solar.

If you live in Southern California and are thinking of adding solar capacity, talk with our expert solar installers in Huntington Beach to help you figure out the amount of money that you will save over what you are currently spending. We can also show you different installation options that can allow you to optimize how you utilize your appliances once you do have a solar array powering your home.

Solar power system Installation

Net Metering 2.0 Is Coming

Although the local utilities have pointed out that Net 2.0 metering is designed to help move everyone forward, most people can’t help but notice that the net effect is for homeowners with solar to lose some of the advantages that they currently have.

One of the primary advantages that solar Huntington Beach customers have is that they are currently able to use their solar systems during the day to accrue credit that goes directly to the utility. You are paid premium daytime electricity generation rates on a TOU clock. TOU stands for time of utilization.

The times that the utility will pay for are important because the rates go down for customers in the evening and late at night. Currently, you send the utility energy during the day and you are normally paid at the peak hour rate that is usually between 11 AM and 6 PM.

If you wait to buy your solar installation, you will end up selling your electricity back to the utility under Net 2.0 metering rules. Those rules change the payment scheme to one that is not as favorable to you because it reflects payment for some off-peak hours.

solar for the environment

Help The Environment

For years our company has been installing solar Huntington Beach and recognize that our customers are conscientious about the environment. That is one of the many positive reasons that individuals decide to get a solar installation added to their home.  In addition to the cost savings on your monthly electricity bill, when you add a solar panel array to your home you are promoting clean air and renewable energy.

And although you can’t always put a finger on how your solar helps the environment specifically, the interconnectedness of the world means that solar Huntington Beach can certainly help out in places like Long Beach.

If everyone in Huntington Beach and Long Beach switched to solar power generation, it would make it easier for the local utilities to offer electrical power dockside competitively, cutting down on the amount of extra pollution.  So do your part by installing a solar panel system for your home.

Solar panels and appliances

Make Your Appliances More Efficient

30 years ago, your air conditioner and your refrigerator were likely pretty inefficient compared to models that you can buy today. In addition, there are DC appliances like refrigerators that can help you save even more energy inside your home than you can with an AC electrical system.

If you talk to the experts at a Solar Source, we can tell you specifically how you can optimize your purchasing plan for appliances so that they can take full advantage of the solar panel system on your roof.

Adding solar panels to your home makes sense in Southern California. You have a lot of sun that will drive energy creation that can put dollars back into your pocket because you are selling it to your local utility. If you buy a system this year, you will likely end up with more built-in advantages locally than you will if you wait. Solar Source Huntington Beach consultants are available to help you at any point in the process.

Although Southern California already leads the Western United States in solar implementations, sales of new residential systems continue to climb because dynamics in the clean energy industry continue to change in consumers’ favor.  So take advantage of the solar revolution by choosing solar power for your Huntington Beach home.

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