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We have helped hundreds of local families and businesses transition to clean renewable power.

SOLAR SOURCE  is a solar energy contractor headquartered in beautiful Long Beach, CA.  At SOLAR SOURCE  we design, engineer, and install photovoltaic solar systems for residential and commercial customers.

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Residential Solar

Did you know?

The average Solar Source residential customer saves thousands of dollars each year by offsetting their electrical needs with solar panels on their roof.  Click below to learn more about the federal tax credits for residential solar customers.

Business Solar

Did you know?

Installing solar panels on your business is one of the best decisions for your bottom line.  Click below to learn more about the business tax credits for solar and how you can save tens of thousands of dollars a year.

Non-Profit Solar

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Non-profits like Churches are able to save thousands of dollars a year for their congregations by installing solar panels on their roofs.  Click below to learn more about how your church or non-profit can benefit with Solar!

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